Lowry Pei

My father grew up in Soochow, China; my mother was a white woman from Columbus, Kansas. Improbable as it seems, even to me, they became my parents in Chicago in 1946. I grew up in St. Louis, and went to Harvard because my father, whose attitude toward education was as Chinese as it gets, wouldn’t hear of my applying anywhere else. I was a conscientious objector during Vietnam, worked in a lab putting tubes inside rats and bats, got a Ph.D. in English but instead of becoming an English prof I became a writing teacher and have been one ever since. I am now a Professor of English at Simmons College, in Boston. I’ve taught writing for over thirty years at all levels from first-year college to graduate students, meanwhile managing to write seven novels and publish one: Family Resemblances (Random House, 1986). I had a story in Best American Short Stories 1984, and one in The American Story: The Best of StoryQuarterly (1990). I have also published essays, literary criticism, and book reviews, but all of my publications put together would not equal the length of my collected commentaries on student papers.

My fiction, essays, and memoirs can be found on my website  http://www.lowrypei.com .

My most recent project was a non-fiction book that draws on science, philosophy, history and personal experience to examine where we stand in relation to nature, and how we might think differently about this relationship. This can be found here: Waterways

You can reach me at:

pei @ simmons dot edu

Lowry Pei, 20 Bellevue Ave., Cambridge, MA 02140




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